Victoria Gloucester


The days of my Virtual Life...

Victoria Gloucester (SL avatar of Catherine Parsons) was born in the Fall of 2006 at an education conference as a result of a presentation by “Blogsar Lumpin”. Victoria, and my other virtual world identities like Vyktorea, have a mission to discover the many ways Second Life(R) and other MUVEs (including MMORPGs such as WoW) should be used in academia to improve the learning experiences of both adults and children. This mission has brought me to wondrous opportunities many of which were never even dreamed of. Who knew there was so much more to all of this? Afternoons spent in the sandbox with cows and catching fish, virtual makeovers, learning about building, acquiring property, shopping, sailing, concerts, well - the list goes on. This is not only an adventure for education, but an adventure in relationships, colleagues, and friendships (new and old). I am documenting my learning here. I invite you to add to the research, to participate, to put your voice to this conversation through the blogs and resources. Welcome to my learning adventure; looking forward to having you along.


Welcome to the adventures of my Second Life(R) and beyond! I have work to learn about and explore virtual spaces examining their educational value and their social/personal impact related to K - 12 public education. Who knows what is next! Join me on on this journey where virtual flirts with reality.